Sunday, 31 May 2020

Cookie Monster at Mrs Aldridge's house for Queen's Birthday

Cookie Monster was not happy staying with Mrs Aldridge for the long weekend.

Mrs Aldridge put Cookie Monster into the washing machine where he got wet and soapy and went round and round and round.  He got very dizzy.

Then Mrs Aldridge put Cookie Monster on the clothes line in the garage for the rest of the weekend to get dry.


This was not fun.  Cookie Monster wants to go back to school and enjoy all his friends.

Here are the fun things Cookie Monster does with his friends at school.



Last day in Room 2 for Leah, Caitlyn, Jackson, Kaden, Jaxon and Chance! Enjoy your new classes. We will miss you. See you on the playground.

(Jaxon not in photo - he was away)

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Dan the Flying Man

Here is the Youtube Story - Dan the Flying Man












Transport Sorting

Today we sorted vehicles into groups.
First we sorted into 4 groups:

  • on the water
  • in the water
  • on the ground
  • in the air

Then we sorted them into 2 groups:
  • vehicles with motors
  • vehicles with no motors

Room 2 Term 2 2020

Beginning of Term 2 2020

Beginning of Term 1 2020