Sunday, 28 July 2019

Happy Birthday to you

We made a cake today and cellotaped 
5 candles on it.  
Very yummy cakes!

Where do you live in Beachlands?

We made a map of Beachlands.
We put in the landmarks of Beachlands.

We draw our houses and glued them onto the map.

The landmarks we decided were:

  • Countdown
  • Beachlands School
  • Old shops
  • Playgrounds
  • Te Puru
  • Sunkist Bay
  • Pine Harbour Marina

Some of us live by Countdown.
Some of us live by school.
Some of us live by a playground.
Some of us live by the old shops.
Some of us live by the sea.

Saturday, 27 July 2019

What did you do in the holidays?








Fun with Hoops

We are holding onto our hoops.
 We are in our hoops.
 We are out of our hoops.
 We are on our hoops.
 We are in the middle of our hoops.
 We are making rockets with our hoops.

 We are in front of our hoops.

 We are spinning our hoops.
 We are hula hooping with our hoops.
We are amazing!

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Maths - Position

Our first day back to school in Term 3!

Here we are in Room 2
 back to learn in Term 3.
We had lots of fun in the holidays
but it's great to be back at school.

Maths - Position

We are learning about position.
We are using words like:
on off behind in front of between out right left

 I  am  on  the  chair.

  I  am  on  top of the  chair.

  I  am  under  the  chair.

  I  am  behind  the  chair.

  My right hand is up.

                       My left hand is up.