Thursday, 30 May 2019

Jelly Fish Information

We watched a Youtube clip about jellyfish.

Jellyfish Youtube 

This is the information we learnt:

  • jellyfish have no eyes, brain, bones
  • jellyfish live in every ocean
  • jellyfish glide in the water
  • jellyfish eat fish and seaweed
  • jellyfish can sting
  • jellyfish can be invisible

Our Funny Rock Pool Stories

Today we wrote stories about what is in and what is not in our rock pools.
Can you see the word of the week: Can 







Small Ball Skills

Today we had fun learning skills using small tennis balls.
We can learning to:

  • control the tennis ball
  • bounce and catch the tennis ball
  • aim and throw the tennis ball
  • play "Hand Ball"

Friday, 24 May 2019

Jellyfish and Clown Fish Pictures


Shark Stories and Pictures

Sharks eat octopuses.
by Louis

Sharks like to eat fish. 
By Zoe

I like sharks. 
Sharks have sharp teeth.  
By Katy

Sharks have sharp teeth.
By Michael

Sharks have gills.
Sharks like to eat fish.
By Hugo

Sharks have fins.
By Clark

Sharks eat sea creatures.
By Mila

I like sharks.  
Sharks eat fish.  
Sharks have sharp teeth.  
By Blake

Sharks eat fish.
Sharks have nostrils.
By Cameron

Sharks have sharp teeth.
Sharks like to swim around in the water.  
By Ella

Penguin Stories and Pictures

Penguins have beaks to eat fish.  Penguins like to walk on ice.
By Louis

Penguins have flippers.  Penguins like to live on land and in the water.
By Zoe

Penguins live to waddle.
Penguins have flippers to go in the water and look for fish.  By Ethan

Penguins like to eat fish. Penguins have beaks and flippers.  By Katy

Penguins like to eat fish.  Penguins have a beak.
By Krishan

Penguins have flippers.  Penguins like to walk and swim.  By Hugo

Penguins like to walk on the ice. Penguins have beaks.  
By Clark

Penguins like to walk on the ice and swim in the water.  By Mila

Penguins have a beak.  Penguins like to flop on their tummies and slide on the ice.  Penguins eat fish. By Blake

Penguins like to fish and play with other penguins.
By Cameron

Penguins like to find fish in the sea.  Penguins lay eggs.
By Ella

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Fractions - 100's & 1000's sandwiches

Today we made 100's & 1000's sandwiches.
We cut our sandwich in half 1/2.
We cut our sandwich in quarters 1/4.
We ate our sandwiches up.  Yummy!