Thursday, 28 February 2019

I can Write Anywhere!

 I can write in the sand.

I can write on the path.

I can write in the rice.

I can write in the flour.

I can write in the foam.

I can write on the paper.

can write with the dye.

can write in the air.

                     I can write anywhere.


Shared Book - Mrs Wishy Washy

Here is the story of Mrs Wishy Washy:

Mrs Wishy Washy YouTube Clip

Here are our Mrs Wishy Washy pictures and stories:








Whole School Assembly

Friday was our first whole school assembly 
in the hall.

We saw a Dragon Dance to celebrate Chinese New Year.

A trolley car came to invite us to the Trolley Derby next Sunday at the domain.

At assembly we are learning to:

  • sit quietly 
  • listen to the speaker
  • sing the National anthem
  • keep our hands and feet to ourselves

Week 3 - Morning Fitness - Balls

We are learning to:

  • control our large balls
  • bounce, throw, catch, roll large balls
  • listen and follow instructions
  • have fun

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Life Caravan - Session 1

On Tuesday we went into the Life Caravan to learn about Friends.


We meet Ben and Harold the Giraffe.


There were different coloured lights in the caravan.  There were twinkling lights too.


We saw a video about being a good friend.
We learnt that a friend shares, cares, helps and plays.

We got to make friends with a puppet.  
We talked to the puppet.  
We patted the puppet.
We played with the puppet. 
We cared for the puppet.
We helped the puppet.
We shared with the puppet.