Monday, 12 November 2018

Uxbridge Trip

On Tuesday we went to Uxbridge in Howick.

Here we are on the bus.

Here we are eating morning tea.

Here we are in the gallery sketching art sculptures.



Here we are on a treasure hunt to find special things in the gardens and bush.


Here we are in the theater drawing, looking at and forming different sculptures. 






Here we are building the tallest sculpture we can with cardboard.






Here we are going to the bus and then back to school.

We had an awesome day.
Thank you teachers, bus driver, Zoe, Ashley, Laura, Theresa, and Rachel.

Thank you children for remembering to 
listen and follow instructions,
 walking around the sculptures,
keeping your hands and feet to yourselves,
sitting on the bus quietly,
being the best you can be! 

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