Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Cory Jane came to Beachlands School

Here's the NZ Herald link to view:
NZ Herald video link

We had a special assembly for Cory Jane.
He is a All Black who is supporting "Fitness for Everyone".  They have given $5000 to Beachlands School for Sports equipment.



Ozzy got his All Blacks book signed.
Tristan got his All Blacks shirt signed.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Tough Boris - Shared Book Week 6

Tough Boris by Mem Fox

Once upon a time there lived a pirate named Boris von der Borch.
He was massive.  All pirates are massive.
He was tough.  All pirates are tough.
He was scruffy. All pirates are scruffy.
He was greedy.  All pirates are greedy.
He was scary.  All pirates are scary.

He was fearless.  All pirates are fearless.
But when his parrot died…

He cried  and cried.  
All pirates cry.
And so do I.

Procedural Writing - Making a sandwich

Today we made a sandwich and then talked about the order of making it.
What did we do first, next, then, and at the end.





Sunday, 25 November 2018

Good Night Sleep Tight - Shared Book Week 7

Good Night Sleep Tight - youtube link below:

Mem Fox reading Good Night Sleep Tight

Pirate Poem


I am a pirate as wicked as can be.

I sail on my black ship over the sea.

Look at my knife. 

Look at my gun.

See all the people run, run, run.

Look at my black boots.

Look at my patch.

I like looking for treasure to snatch.