Sunday, 10 June 2018

Making a Tin Foil Boat

We are learning about how boats float.

On Friday we had to make a tin foil boat that would float with 3 little teddies in it.

First we found that tin foil floats when it is flat.  It doesn't float when it is screwed up in a ball.

Mrs Aldridge's boat floated with 16 little teddies.  It sank with 17 little teddies.

We decided that the tin foil needed to be like a canoe shape to hold the teddies.

Most of our boats floated with three teddies.  Yay!  
Some of our boats leaked and the teddies fell out.  Oh No! 


How can we make our boats stronger?
How can we make our boats hold more teddies?
What would you do different next time?











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