Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Funny Faces

We made funny faces with different objects.
We think they are very funny.







Playing with the Balls

Ball Skills
We are learning to 

  • bounce balls
  • catch and throw balls
  • roll balls on the ground
  • control a ball


Play Dough Names

We wrote our names with play dough today.
It was hard for us but we all had a go and helped each other.

Writing in the Sand

In the sandpit I can write

  • my name
  • numbers
  • letters
  • shapes
  • words



Mrs Wishy Washy

We have enjoyed our shared book Mrs Wishy Washy this week.  
Here are our pictures and stories.
Here is the link if you want to listen to the story on youtube:  
Mrs Wishy Washy




Scooters and Bikes

Today we went to see the bike and scooter racks at school.

Here is Ashton and his green scooter.

Here is Lynette's new pink and purple bike.

  • We are allowed to bring our bike or scooter to school if we have a parent with us.
  • We need to wear a helmet.
  • We need to get off our bike or scooter when we come into the school gates.
  • We do not ride our bike or school at school unless it is a special occasion.  

Math Games and Puzzles

We have been learning lots of math games and puzzles.