Sunday, 26 November 2017

Soccer Skills

Today we learnt some soccer skills and tried to kick goals.  
We are learning good soccer skills!


Sports Day

Friday Sport day with our Buddy Class Room 18 
It was great fun but very HOT!
Room 18 won the overall competition!!! YAY!



Sound of the Week - elt


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Kiwi Stories and Art

We have been learning about the Kiwi.
Here are some of the things we know about the kiwi.

We made pictures of Kiwis.

Kiwis have 2 legs.  Kiwis sleep in the day and they are clever.  They have night vision eyes to see at night.  Kiwis are shy.  Cats and dogs and stoats kill them.  Kiwis are cool.
By Flynn

Kiwis sleep in the day and are awake at night.  They have long beaks. Kiwis are endangered animals.  Only about 1000 left in the world.  Kiwis have feathers.  I love Kiwis. They are the size of a chicken.
by Elyse

Kiwis have wings but they can't fly.  Kiwis have short legs and 3 claws.  Kiwis are awake at night time and asleep at day time.  Kiwis are soft and feathery.
by Annabelle

Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Today I went to Te Puru to watch Room 26 students playing Touch.

You were amazing!
You were fast!
You were following instructions!
You were being showing good touch skills!
You were FERN!

Here are some photos.






Maths - Problem Solving

How many fingers has 3 girls got?

How many shoes has 3 girls got?

You could count in 1's or 5's or 10's.  
Which way is the quickest?

How many fingers has 4 boys got?

How many shoes has 4 boys got?

Monday, 13 November 2017

Sound of the Week - uff

puff      cuff
stuff    ruff


Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Butterfly Creek Trip

Let the adventure begin!

9:00am  Bus Trip

10:00am  Morning Tea

10:30am Talk about endangered animals

10:45am Fish / Butterfly House / Crocodiles

11:15am Dinosaur enclosure




11:45am Farm Enclosure


12:15pm Lunch / Feeding Crocodiles

1:00pm Train Ride / Going back to school