Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Dinosaurs are coming to school!

We have brought dinosaurs and dinosaur books to school to share.
We are writing about dinosaurs.
We are drawing dinosaurs.
We are making dinosaur enclosures.
We are playing with dinosaurs.
We are reading about dinosaurs.




Some of the dinosaurs were big.
Some of the dinosaurs were small.
Some of the dinosaurs were noisy. 

We sorted dinosaur books.
Some dinosaur books were information books.
Some dinosaur books were story books.
Some dinosaur books were activity books.

We sorted the dinosaurs into groups.
We sorted them from the tallest to the shortest dinosaurs.
We sorted them in colour groups.
We sorted them into different kinds of dinosaurs.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day was so much FUN!
Lots of our grandparents came.
They enjoyed the assembly.

They enjoyed the songs and poems.

They enjoyed the games in Room 26.

They enjoyed the picnic.

They enjoyed coming and sharing time at school.

We love our grandparents.

Sorting and Making Hats

We sorted hats into two groups.  One group was good for protection from the sun.  The other group was not good protection from the sun.  

We designed our own hats.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Math Slide to 100

Today we were playing in groups "Math Slide to 100".
We were learning to recognise numbers fast, add and subtract numbers.
Some of us were very quick and won the games.


Hats at School

Remember to bring and wear your hat at school.  14 students brought their hats on the first day back at school.  Well done!

Here is our hat poem this week:

Hats  are  fun.
 Hats  are  cool.
I  wear  my  hat  
everyday  to  school.

It  protects  my head.
And  shades  my  face. 
So  I  can  play 
in  any  place.

You  can  be  smart.   
You  can  be  cool.
Just  wear  your hat.                                 Everyday  to  school

First Day - Term 4

It was great to see everyone back on the first day of Term 4.  Looks like everyone had an awesome holiday.  
We made an inside/outside circle and shared our holiday pictures.