Thursday, 28 September 2017

Last Day of School for Term 3

First Block: Cooperative Play and Construction




Second Block: Whole School Sports





Third Block: Whole School Assembly

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Wellness Week - Art Display

Today we displayed our Feelings Art for Wellness Week in the hall. Some parents were able to come to the hall to view the art.
Here are the photos.

Room 4

Room 3

Room 2 and Room 9

Room 8

Room 1 

Room 26

Wellness Week M&M Game

We played the M&M game today.
We had lots of FUN talking and eating M&Ms.
You can play it at home too.
All you need is a small bag of M&Ms.


Fredge came to school today to remind us to eat 5+ fruit and veges a day.
Annabelle and Noah won a prize for answering questions correctly.



Sound of the Week - ick

Monday, 25 September 2017

Spring Stories

Spring by Sophia
I love spring. The little lambs are born.  The flowers come out.  Little birds come out.  Birds build their nests.  I love spring because it is beautiful.

Spring by Anneka
I love spring. In spring birds come out.  In spring the sun shines so that we can go bike riding.  In spring it rains quite a bit.  In spring the baby lambs are born.  I like spring.

Spring by Max

I love spring. I like tricycle riding in cool spring time.  In spring little fluffy lambs are born.

Spring by Noah
I love spring. In spring the lambs are born out of the mum’s tummy.  The lambs are cute and I like to bike and smell the flowers. Blossoms come out on the trees.

Wellness Week - Pilates

Today some of the students in Room 26 went to the hall and did Pilates with Maria.
Thank you Maria - you made stretching fun!


What are the chances of this happening?

We had 2 stories and we had to decide what the chances were of seeing these things.

When Little Red Riding Hood went into the forest what

will she see  /  might see  /  won’t see?

When Cinderella went to the ball what

will she see  /  might see  /  won’t see?

Sound of the Week - itch

Spring is here!