Sunday, 30 July 2017

Helmet Safety

Today we went to Room 4 to learn about helmet safety.  
We learnt:

  • about the different parts of a helmet 
  • how to put a helmet on so our brains are safe
  • the importance of wearing a helmet

Friday, 28 July 2017

Rhyming Word - ed

Rhyming words this week ended in ed.



This week we have been learning about telling the time.
We have been making clocks.
Thank you parents who came on Friday to help glue the last bits on with hot glue guns.
(Nobody got burnt - Yay)
Here we are making our clocks:



 Here are our awesome clocks:










We can practise telling the time at home!

Whole School Assembly

Today at assembly Room 26 helped to promote Book Week.  We all dressed up in our favourite character and walked up on stage.  The message we shared was all mixed up at first and then we put ourselves in the right order.  Our message said:
Book Week starts August 7th

We looked great! 
We used our best Beachlands Learner behaviour.
Everyone clapped!

We also won Best Class at Assembly!
Kea has now been in our Room 5 times!!!
We are the best class at school.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Maths - Time

We have been learning about time.

 We are learning to:

  • talk about times through the day
  • compare time taken to complete a task
  • say the days of the week
  • say the months of the year
  • talk about seasons
  • read times on a clock
What's the time Mr. Wolf?

We are making a clock to take home on Friday.

Which is a digital clock?  Which is an analog clock?

We are matching clocks and times together.

How many clocks and watches at your house?

Digital Numbers

We are learning to recognise and make digital numbers with sticks.  

Can you recognise these digital numbers?

We made digital numbers with sticks.