Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Me and My Dad

Here are some pictures of our Dads.


Oh No!

Can you guess what we have been doing at school today? 

You will find out on Sunday.

Measurement - Position Tasksheets

Measurement - Position

Who is on the chair?
Who is under the chair?
Who is behind the chair?
Who is in front of the chair?
Who is beside the chair?

Measurement - Position

Here we are in different positions in the classroom.

We are sitting on the chairs.

We are standing on the chairs.

We are in front of the chairs.
 We are under the chairs.

We are beside the chairs.

We are behind the chairs.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Sharing our Games

On Thursday we went to our Buddy Class Room 17 and shared our awesome games.

This is what they liked about our games:

  • it was fun
  • you added lots of ladders
  • it was fun and intense
  • really amazing
  • it was great fun
  • it was exciting to play
  • I liked all the pictures
  • I can't believe you made this game yourself
  • it was colourful
  • I like the way it never ends
  • it was quick and easy to play
  • cool game
  • I liked the start
  • that you made it about a subject I liked
  • it was awesome - really really fun
This is what they thought could improve our games:
  • make it easier to learn
  • more detail
  • put some numbers on it
  • make it longer
  • spaces needed to be bigger
  • add more colours

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Playing Our Games

On Wednesday we played our games.
We had so much fun!
Our games are awesome!

Making our Games

On Friday we made a plan for making our games.

On Monday we started to make our games.
We draw the track with pencil.
We copied over the track with black pen.
We dyed the background.



On Tuesday we finished making our game.
We cut and glued pictures and a title on our game.
We coloured in our game.
We decorated our game.
Mrs Aldridge laminated all the games.