Thursday, 24 September 2015

Happy Holidays

Have a happy holiday everyone.

Remember to:

  • Read books 
  • Write a little story and draw pictures about the things you are doing
  • Practice adding things together and taking away things
  • Count to 100 in 1's,  5's and 10's
Remember to:
  • Tidy up the mess you make
  • Help your mum and dad
  • Do something kind for someone every day
  • Speak kind words

Fletcher's Last Day

Fletcher is moving to New Plymouth after the holidays.
We will miss you.  Enjoy your new home and school.  
We hope you make lots of new friends quickly.

We are very sad you are leaving - Fletcher.

We are very happy it is holidays!

Thank you Fletcher's mum for the yummy 
chocolate cupcakes!

The cupcakes were delicious!  We got chocolate all over us.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Fire Engines

We draw detailed pictures of fire engines today.
We cut out and glued our firemen pictures on.
Look at us - we are firemen.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

World Cup Rugby

Today we dressed up in colours to support our rugby team. Most of us dressed in black to support the All Blacks.
Go the All Blacks!


We are getting great at spelling.

The Fire Engines came to school.

Some were little.
Some were medium sized.
Some were big.

Thank you Jackson for bringing your fireman suit to school.  We all had a photo dressed up as a fireman.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Spring is here!

Apples on Top - How many have you got?

Maths - Doubles and Adding on from 10

Poetry Recital

Fletcher and Anabelle did a great job saying their poem to the large audience in the hall today.
Well done!  
You spoke clearly and confidently.

Fletcher wore a dragon suit which looked great.
Fletcher's poem was called "A dragon in the classroom".

Anabelle made a snow ball which was very cool. 
(It wasn't a real snow ball)
Anabelle's poem was called "Snow ball".

Here is Fletcher and Anabelle saying their poem in the hall.

Ice Skating Tour at Beachlands

We went to see the ice skating in the hall.
Some of us went after school and in the weekend to skate.
What fun we had.
Can you ice skate?
Can you see the bubbles?

What makes 10? What makes 5?

Sarah made a raft at home.

After reading the "Making a little Raft"  book at home, Sarah made one. Well done Sarah.  Your raft looks cool!  I wonder if it will float.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

My favourite poems - Casey Charlie Charlotte Estella Finn






Room 3 has Awesome Dads!

We love our dads.

We have the best dads in the world.

Dylan -  My dad can run fast like a racing car. My dad can cook sausages.
Finn -  My dad can run fast like a cheetah.  My dad likes watching tv.
Mia -  He is good at hula hooping and he is good at sweeping.  My dad likes shopping.
Charlotte -   I love my dad because he pulls funny faces at me and he reads to me at night.
Samuel -  My friends like my dad.  My dad can swim like a fish. I love my daddy.
Charlie -  My dad likes chocolate.  I love my dad because he plays with me and he is snuggly.
Brooklyn -  My dad is great at making stuff out of wood.  My dad can cook soup.
Jackson -  He is a fast at running. My dad can cook pizza.
Anabelle -  I also have a big scooter and he can ride down the hill very fast with me in the front.
Tyler -  My dad is good at fixing things. My dad can kick a ball really high and he is a good swimmer.
Casey -  He read books to me at night.  My dad can lift me up and swing me around.  He likes to tickle me. 
Estella -  My dad is funny and smart.  My dad likes rugby and his whole family likes him.
Nathan - My dad likes fixing things.  My dad can cook yummy food.
Aydin - I love my dad because he plays playstation with me.
Sarah -  My dad is fantastic. Dad is the best dad in the whole universe.
Zara -  My dad is a big dad.  My dad can make cupcakes.  My dad likes cake.
Layla -  I can have a horsy ride on my dad’s back.  I love my dad because he is cuddly and he is warm.
Jupiter - My dad likes to play PS4.  I love my dad because he plays with me and helps me and he pulls funny faces.
Fletcher - I love my dad because he lets me play on Halo and I love him because he brought me a Donesaurus-Rex.
Rhys -  I love my dad because he lets me play on the ipad.