Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bulldozers and Diggers

We brought our diggers, bulldozers and trucks to school this week.  Our shared book was called "Little Bulldozer."  
We played with our bulldozers in the sandpit and 
in the classroom. 

Some were big and some were small.
Some pushed sand and some picked up sand.
Most of them were yellow with black wheels.

Here we are playing in the sandpit with our 
diggers ad bulldozers.

Fun Run

The Fun Run was fun!
We ran and ran.
We rested.
We ran again.
We ate ice blocks.
We laughed.
We had fun!  Hooray!

 Finn and Charlie ran 17 times around the field.  
They ran the most times for Room 3.
The rest of Room 3 ran between 10 to 16 times around the field.  We were all very tired at the end.  
But we enjoyed the ice blocks.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Making Patterns

We are learning to make patterns.
We can make patterns with blocks, rods, straws, 
teddy bears, dinosaurs and beans.
We can make patterns with colours, shapes,
numbers and letters.


We are learning how to make and copy a pattern.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Dancing Videos - I'm Happy

We are great, cool, fantastic, amazing, fast, funny, incredible, and awesome dancers!

Disco Fun

On Friday night we had fun at the disco.
We danced.
We sang.
We ate.
We drunk.
We glowed.
We laughed.
We had fun!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Kite Flying Video

Here we are flying the kites!

Measurement - How tall are you?

Room 3 was looking at measurement last week in Maths.
We sorted things into groups:

  • big and small
  • tall and short
  • heavy and light
  • thick and thin
Here we are measuring the tallest/shortest boy and 
girls in the class.

Matariki - Flags

To celebrate Matariki, the Maori New Year, Room 3 made flags with our Buddy Class.  We decorated the kites and flew them on Thursday on the big field.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Play Dough Fun

We are learning to make numbers out of play dough.
What fun!

Look at us on the ipads!


We are learning to use the ipads in Room 3. 
We have 5 ipads in Room 3.
We are learning to take photos with the ipads.
We are learning to use Show Me.
We are using the ipads in maths.

When we use the ipads we must:
  • have clean hands
  • use them with care
  • share with a friend
  • talk about what we are learning
We love using the ipads for learning.

Sharing Things Equally

We are learning to share things equally.  In this photo we are sharing some new maths equipment with Room 2.  We are keeping 1/2 of the rods and giving 1/2 to Room 2.